Program at a Glance

  Tu 1
8:10 h - 10:00 h
We 1
8:10 h - 10:00 h
Proteins II
Th 1
8:10 h - 10:40 h
Single Particles
  Tu 2
10:20 h - 12:00 h
We 2
10:20 h - 12:00 h
Proteins III
Th 2
11:00 h - 12:40 h
S-Layers II
Mo 1
13:00 h - 15:00 h
S-Layers I
Tu 3
13:00 h - 15:00 h
Molecular Organization I
We 3
13:00 h - 15:00 h
Molecular Organization II
Mo 2
15:30 h - 17:30 h
Tu 4
15:30 h - 17:30 h
Proteins I
Excursion to Wartburg  
Mo 3
19:30 h - 21:00 h
Evening Lectures

18:30 h - 22:00 h
Conference Dinner

NanoBionics II Program in Detail


09:00 - 17:00 Registration
Opening remarks
12:45 V. Schäfer (WE-Heraeus-Foundation)
12:55 N. Hampp
Session Mo 1: S-Layers I
Chairman: U.B. Sleytr
13:00 W. Knoll
S-Layer Proteins As Modules In Supramolecular Interfacial Architectures
13:40 M. Sára
S-Layer Fusion Proteins and Secondary Cell Wall Polymers as Building Blocks in Nanotechnology
14:20 B. Schuster
Supported Functional Lipid Membranes Based on Cell Surface Layer (S-Layer) Proteins
14:40 W. Kautek
Laser and Interfacial Nanoengineering of the S-Layer/Solid System
15:00 Poster Session/Coffee Break
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Session Mo 2: DNA I
Chairman: N. Hampp
15:30 N. Seeman
Structural DNA Nanotechnology
16:10 W. Fritzsche
A SET Device Based on Self-Assembly of DNA and Nanoparticles on a Microstructured Surface
16:30 F. Simmel
A DNA-Based Device Switchable Between Three Conformations
16:50 P. Graumann
SMC Proteins - Molecular DNA Condensation Motors?
17:10 W. Parak
Biological and Materials Science Applications of Colloidal Nanocrystals
18:00 Dinner
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Session Mo 3: Evening Lectures at the "Alte Aula"
19:30 Welcome address of the President of the Philipps-University, Prof. Dr. Horst F. Kern
19:35 I. Willner
Nanoengineering of Biomaterials on Functional Au-Electrodes or Magnetic Particles for Novel Bioelectronic Applications
20:20 P. Fromherz
Silicon Chips with Ion Channels, Nerve Cells and Brain
21:00 Get Together at the "Alte Aula"
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08:10 Announcements
Session Tu 1: DNA II
Chairman: P. Graumann
08:20 H. Wang
High-Speed, Single Molecule Nucleic Acid Probing using a Self Assembled Nanopore
09:00 K. Benenson
Programmable and Autonomous Computing Machine Made of Biomolecules
09:40 T. Carell
Repair of DNA Lesions by a Reductive Electron Transfer
10:00 Coffee Break
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Session Tu 2: Nanopatterning
Chairman: S. Fiedler
10:20 G. Decher
Polyelectrolyte Multilayers in Life Science
11:00 A. Gölzhäuser
Chemical Nanopattering of Surfaces
11:20 U. Bakowsky
The Morphology Dependence of the Selectin/Glycolipid Recognition in Lateral Structured Supported Model Membranes
11:40 A. Greiner
Functionalized Polymer Nanotubes Utilizing Electrspun Fibers (TUFT-Process)
12:00 Lunch
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Session Tu 3: Molecular Organization I
Chairman: F. Noll
13:00 A. Offenhäusser
Bioelectronic Hybrids - Excitable Cells and Neuronal Nets on Microelectronic Devices
13:40 H.-J. Butt
Analyzing and Manipulating Solid Supported Membranes with the Atomic Force Microscope
14:20 R. Parthasarathy
Molecular Pattern Formation and Cell Signaling at Intermembrane Junctions
14:40 C.-M. Lehr
In Vitro Endothelization of Blood Vessel Prostheses with Autologous Endothelial Cells
15:00 Poster Session/Coffee Break
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Session Tu 4: Proteins I (Bacteriorhodopsin)
Chairman: D. Oesterhelt
15:30 J. Parkkinen
Design of Bacteriorhodopsin Based Color Sensor
16:10 A. Dér
Protein-Based Integrated Optical Switching and Modulation
16:50 B. Yao
Parallel Optical Data Storage Using Genetic Mutant Bacteriorhodopsin Photochromic Films
17:10 V. Renugopalakrishnan
Retroengineering Bacteriorhodopsins for Technological Applications
17:30 T. Juchem
Bacteriorhodopsin as Security Inks and Their Applications
18:00 Departure to Conference Banquet
18:30 Landsknechtsgelage (medieval dinner)
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08:10 Announcements
Session We 1: Proteins II
Chairman: E. Greenbaum
08:20 H. Bayley
Stochastic Sensing with Engineered Pore-Forming Proteins
09:00 L. Powers
Microbial Contamination: Detection and Identification
09:40 S. Jhaveri
An Engineered Protein as a Scaffold for Direct Electrochemical Transduction of Bio-Recognition
10:00 Coffee Break
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Session We 2: Proteins III
Chairman: L. Powers
10:20 K. Kinosita
Single-Molecule Physiology Under an Optical Microscope: How Molecular Machines May Work
11:00 E. Greenbaum
Nanoscale Photosynthesis, the Photophysics of Neural Cells, and Artificial Sight
11:40 A. van Bel
Contractility in Protein Bodies from Plant Phloem Tissue
12:00 Lunch
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Session We 3: Molecular Organization II
Chairman: A. Offenhäusser
13:00 R. Rinaldi
Protein Based Electronic Devices
13:40 R. Tampé
Molecular Organization of Proteins in Nano-Dimensions
14:00 F. Oesterhelt
AFM Force Measurements - from Single Molecules to Highly Parallel Applications
14:20 S. Thalhammer
The Combination of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Laser-Based Microdissection as a Tool for Molecular Biology
14:40 E. Pechkova
From Art to Science in Protein Crystallization by Means of Thin Film Nanotechnology
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15:00 Excursion to Wartburg



08:10 Announcements
Session Th 1: Single Particles
Chairman: R. Tampé
08:20 C. Bräuchle
Single Virus Tracing: The Observation of a Single Dye-Labeled Virus on its Infection Pathway into a Living Cell
09:00 R. Kumar
Fungus Mediated Intra- and Extra-Cellular Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles: a Novel Biological Approach to Nanoparticle Synthesis
09:20 C. Lawton
Biomolecular Self-Assembled Quantum-Dot Composites
09:40 H. Brückl
Molecule Detection and Manipulation by Magnetic Carriers
10:00 S. Fiedler
Liposome Mediated Size Tuning of Metal Nanoparticles
10:20 P. Ormos
Light Generated and Light Driven Micromachines for Biotechnology
10:40 Coffee Break
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Session Th 2: S-Layers II
Chairman: M. Sará
11:00 W. Pompe
Metal Cluster Deposition on S-Layer Templates - Basic Mechanism and Possible Application
11:40 M. Lösche
Planar Lipid Layers and Hybrid S-Layer/Lipid Architectures Characterized by Surface-Sensitive Scattering
12:20 D. Pum
S-Layer Based Nanostructures
12:40 Lunch
Closing of the Seminar / Departure
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Transfers: There is a daily shuttle bus between the hotels and the conference site

A bus transfer to Mainz will be available on Thursday if necessary. Please contact the registration desk.

Sightseeing: There will be a guided tour in english to Marburg castle, the Elisabeth church and the historical town center, if necessary

Weather: The weather in september usually is very nice with temperatures between 20C und 30C