A SET Device Based on Self-Assembly of DNA and Nanoparticles on a Microstructured Surface

Wolfgang Fritzsche, Gunter Maubach, D. Born, J. Michael Köhler, and Andrea Csaki

Institute for Physical High Technology Jena, P.O. Box 100239, D-07702 Jena, Germany

e-mail: fritzsche@ipht-jena.de

URL: http://www.ipht-jena.de/molnano.html


Although DNA-based construction shows great promises for the realization of nanometer structures with high accuracy and reproducibility, there are numerous obstacles to overcome before it will become applicable in a technical setting. Robust processes in a highly parallel manner have to be developed to meet the requirements for a mass production at low costs. Self-assembly processes are in principle compatible with this requirements, and therefore of special interest. We describe a scheme based on multi-level self-assembly of DNA of various length scales together with modified chip surfaces and metal nanoparticles, which is aimed at the fabrication of a single electron tunneling (SET) device on a chip surface. We will present results from the realization of different steps of this process, including different techniques for surface immobilization of longer DNA, the coupling of DNA-modified nanoparticles to long DNA, and the controlled deposition of individual DNA-molecules between two microstructured electrodes.