S-Layer Based Nanostructures

Dietmar Pum, Erika Györvary, Dieter Moll, Margit Sára, and Uwe B. Sleytr

Center for Ultrastructure Research, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Molecular Nanotechnology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Gregor-Mendel-Str. 33, A-1180 Vienna, Austria

e-mail: dpum@edv1.boku.ac.at

URL: http://www.boku.ac.at/zuf/nano0.htm

One of the most relevant areas of research in the nanosciences is currently found at the interface between biology and solid state physics. In particular, the technological utilization of self-assembly systems has grown into a scientific and engineering discipline that crosses the boundaries of several established fields. This presentation is focussing on the recrystallization of S-layer proteins on native and surface modified silicon substrates. The use of optical lithography for patterning S-layer protein monolayers is shown. Furtheron, the precipitation of metal salts into ordered arrays of nanoparticles (Au and CdS) and the controlled deposition of nanoparticles (Au and CdSe) with specific properties as required in molecular electronics and optics is presented.