Program at a Glance

Registration and poster setup 9:00 h - 10:40 h
Tu 1
(Engel, Wang, Löbbe, Ros)
9:00 h - 11:00 h
We 1
(Kotthaus, Yue, Ingebrandt, Facci)
9:00 h - 11:20 h
Th 1
(Florin, Eichen, Carell, Fiedler, S. Lyshevski)
8:30 h - 10:00 h
Fr 1
(project meeting)
11:00 h - 13:00 h
Tu 2
(Niemeyer, Gleich, Pompa, Pickard, Sastry)
11:20 h - 13:20 h
We 2
(Zhang, Rehn, Herrmann, Chworosz, Schotter)
12:30 h - 18:00 h
10:30 h - 12:00 h
Fr 2
(round table discussion)
13:00 h - 17:40 h
Mo 1
(Schmitz, Fromherz, Ko, Mann, Keinan, Beckmann)
14:00 h - 16:00 h
Tu 3
(Craighead, Lösche, Spohn, Alessandrini)
14:20 h - 16:40 h
We 3
(Birge, Renugopalakrishnan, Neebe, Fischer, Piehler, Gerwert)
17:40 h - 19:00 h
Mo 2
(Poster Session)
16:20 h - 18:00 h
Tu 4
(Gölzhäuser, Berti, Sgarbi, Kolb)
17:00 h - 19:00 h
We 4
(Sleytr, Tampé, Lebedeva, Köper, Lenz)
18:00 h -
Dinner and Wine Tasting
open end
19:20 h -
Conference Dinner
19:20 h -
Medieval Dinner
19:30 h - 20:30 h
20:45 h
Guided Tour through the "Alte Aula"
    21:00 h - 22:30 h
Evening Lectures
(Knoll, Fuchs)

NanoBionics III Program in Detail


09:00 - 18:00 Registration
13:00 Opening Remarks
Session Mo 1
13:20 H. Schmitz
Infrared Sensors Base on Biopolymers: the Unique Infrared Receptors in "Fire-Loving" Beetles
14:00 P. Fromherz
Semiconductor Chips with Ion Channels, Nerve Cells and Brain Tissue
14:40 Coffee Break
15:00 F.K. Ko
Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Recombinant Spider Silk
15:40 S. Mann
Synthesis and Self-assembly of Complex Inorganic-based Nanostructures
16:20 Coffee Break
16:40 E. Keinan
Biomolecular Computing Devices
17:20 M. Beckmann
New Technologies - New Success?
18:00 Poster Session
19:20 Conference Dinner
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08:50 Announcements
Session Tu 1
09:00 A. Engel
Assessing Membrane Protein Function and Structure by AFM
09:40 N. Wang
Evaluation of Dielectric and Mechanical Strengths of Metalloprotein by CAFM
10:00 C. Löbbe
Cell Mechanics on a Nanometer Scale: Cell Elasticity and Motility Measured with the Atomic Force Microscope
10:20 R. Ros
Single Molecule Experiments in Synthetic Biology - A New Approach for the Affinity Ranking of DNA-binding Peptides
10:40 Coffee Break
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Session Tu 2
11:00 C. Niemeyer
Biomolecular Functionalization and Organization of Nanoparticles
11:40 B. Gleich
Multi-Dimensional Manipulation of Drug-Carrying Magnetic Nanobeads
12:00 P. Pompa
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) Induced by Conjugation of Metalloproteins to Nanoparticles
12:20 W. Pickard
Prospective Energy Densities in the Forisome, a New Smart Material
12:40 V. Bansal
Quasi-spherical, Hollow Silica Nanoparticles by Extracellular Bioleaching of Sand Using the Fungus Fusarium oxysporum
13:00 Lunch
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Session Tu 3
14:00 H. Craighead
Single biomolecule binding studies in spatially restricted fluid systems
14:40 M. Lösche
Biomimetic Membrane Characterization using Neutron Scattering
15:20 U. Spohn
Micromechanical Investigation of Chemomechanical P-Proteine Aggregates (Forisomes) from Vicia Faba
15:40 A. Alessandrini
Monitoring Changes in Cell Viscoelasticity by Quartz Crystal Microbalance
16:00 Coffee Break
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Session Tu 4
16:20 A. Gölzhäuser
Molecular Surface Nanostructures and Nanosheets
17:00 L. Berti
Strategies for DNA-Templated Patterned Metal Deposition
17:20 N. Sgarbi
Micropatterning of Physisorbed Laminin-1 Physiological Matrices
17:40 H.-A. Kolb
Generation of Nanostructures of Mica Supported Lysozyme Molecules by Diving Tip Nanowriting (DTN)
19:20 Medieval Dinner
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08:50 Announcements
Session We 1
09:00 J. Kotthaus
Nanoelectronics Joins with Biomolecules
09:40 J. Yue
A Biosensor Uses Rotary F0F1-ATP Motor
10:20 S. Ingebrandt
Labelfree Detection of Biomolecular Interactions by Means of Field-Effect Transistor Devices
10:40 P. Facci
A Single-Metalloprotein Wet Biotransistor
11:00 Coffee Break
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Session We 2
11:20 Z. Zhang
Enzymes and Nucleic Acids as Hardware for DNA Computing
11:40 U. Rehn
Mechanisms of DNA-Coupling of Gold Nanoparticles
12:00 A. Herrmann
Novel DNA Nanostructures and Detection Systems from Oligonucleotide Containing Hybrid Materials
12:20 A. Chworos
Building Programmable Nano-Architectures with tecto-RNA Automata
12:40 J. Schotter
Detection of DNA by Magnetic Labels and Magnetoresistive Sensors
13:00 Lunch
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Session We 3
14:00 R. Birge
Protein-Based Memories and Hybrid-Devices Optimized Via Directed Evolution
14:40 V. Renugopalakrishnan
Bionanotechnology: Application to Bionanosensors, Bionanomemory, Biofuel Cells
15:00 M. Neebe
Bacteriorhodopsin-based Security Features
15:20 W. Fischer
Ion Channels with Minimalist Design: Novel Tools for Bionanotechnology
15:40 J. Piehler
Multivalent Chelators for Organizing and Manipulating Proteins in Solution and on Surfaces
16:00 K. Gerwert
Proteins in Action: Monitored by Time-Resolved FTIR-Difference Spectroscopy
16:20 Coffee Break
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Session We 4
17:00 U. Sleytr
Nanobiotechnological Applications of S-Layers
17:40 R. Tampé
Promoting and Breaking of Symmetry in Protein Arrays and Nanomachines
18:00 O. Lebedeva
Multilayer DNA/poly(allylamine hydrochloride) Microcapsules: Assembly and Mechanical Properties
18:20 I. Köper
Functional Tethered Bilayer Membranes
18:40 P. Lenz
Dye-Induced Leakage of Adhering Vesicles
19:20 Dinner
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Session We 5: Evening Lectures at the "Alte Aula"
20:45 Guided Tour
21:00 W. Knoll
Biophotonics with Nanoparticles
21:40 H. Fuchs
Nanoanalytical Probes for Biosystems
22:20 Get Together at the "Alte Aula"
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08:50 Announcements
Session Th 1
09:00 E.-L. Florin
From Molecular Interactions to Complex Mechanical Properties of Biopolymers
09:40 Y. Eichen
Bioinspired and Bio-Based Materials For Electronic Applications
10:20 T. Carell
DNA Repair on an Atomic level and New DNA Tools for Nanotechnology
10:40 S. Fiedler
Generation and Application Potential of Metal Nano-Lawn Structures
11:00 S. Lysevski and T. Renz
Biomolecule-Centered Quantum Nanoelectronics
11:30 Lunch
12:30 Excursion
18:00 Dinner and Wine Tasting
(open end)
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Session Fr1
08:30 Project Meeting
Session Fr2
10:30 Round Table Discussion
End of the Seminar / Departure
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Transfers: There is a daily shuttle bus between the hotels and the conference site