New technologies – new success?

Marco Beckmann

Nanostart AG, Goethestr. 26-28, D-60313 Frankfurt am Main, Germany




In past centuries and decades, the introduction of textile, the railroad, automobile and computer heralded technological revolutions that provided a long-term stimulus to the world's economy. During these periods of innovation-driven growth, a large number of companies that started out as small operations developed over the course of time to become multinational groups. All founders, entrepreneurs and investors dream of being among the first to start a leading and innovative technology company, enabling them to take part in breathtaking growth rates.

With the beginning rise of nanotechnology, for the first time since the development of the computer – which, among other things, brought us modern telecommunications and the Internet – a new growth innovation is emerging, one which has the potential to drive the world's economy over the coming years and decades. However, unlike previous technological revolutions, nanotechnology is not in itself a new product that looks set to lift the world's economy. Instead, nanotechnology is a fundamentally new manufacturing technology. It will therefore be able to revolutionize every single field in which products are manufactured. Experts are already talking in terms of the “new industrial revolution” that is about to be unleashed by nanotechnology.

In many ways, the future competitiveness of the products of important industries depends on the development of the nanocosmos. Future progress in nanotechnology is decisive for the further success of various industries.