NanoBionics II - from Molecules to Applications

Uni-Logo Marburg (Germany), September 22-26, 2002

293th Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Seminar


The scope of NanoBionics II is to discuss functional biological molecules and their potentials in technical applications. Protein-based as well as DNA-based materials will be covered. Molecules, molecular assemblies, nanoparticles, and cellular components with a technical potential, their function, their modification, their preparation and manipulation, as well as their interfacing with conventional systems are addressed.

Nanobionics II is held at the Philipps-University of Marburg which celebrates its 475th anniversary in 2002. Marburg is a pituresque old town about 100 km north of Frankfurt/Main and its international airport.

The scientific program is supplemented by daily varying social events which give plenty of opportunities for stimulating discussions.

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